Cultural & Crea­tive Indus­tries (CCI) in Germany

The lastest moni­to­ring report “Selected Economic Key Data on the Culture and Crea­tive Indus­tries” demons­trates the immense economic signi­fi­cance of the CCI for the German economy. The number of compa­nies has been growing conti­nu­ally since 2009. More than 250.000 busi­ness work in the CCI provi­ding jobs to more than 1,6 million entre­pre­neurs and employees.

The moni­to­ring is published on a regular basis by the Cultural and Crea­tive Indus­tries Initia­tive of the German Government. Each moni­to­ring has a special focus, lately for example on inter­na­tio­na­liz­a­tion in the CCI or cross inno­va­tion. Recently, special reports about digi­tiz­a­tion and inno­va­tion in the CCI as well as the economic signi­fi­cance of the German film industry have been published.


In Germany, the minis­ters of economy from the 16 German states have agreed on a common defi­ni­tion of cultural and crea­tive indus­tries. They “comprise all culture and crea­tive enter­prises that are mainly market-oriented and deal with the crea­tion, produc­tion and/or disse­mi­na­tion through the media of cultural/creative goods and services.”

The following graphic shows the CCI submarkets

Source: Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, 2009

Krea­tives Sachsen, the Center for Cultural and Crea­tive Indus­tries Saxony — a unique support structure

Krea­tives Sachsen, the Center for Cultural and Crea­tive Indus­tries Saxony, improves the condi­tions for successful crea­tive work. Our work streng­t­hens the capa­city for inno­va­tion and growth in other busi­ness sectors and for deve­lo­ping new solu­tions to societal chal­lenges. We provide consul­ting and support to compa­nies, free­lan­cers, insti­tu­tions, asso­cia­tions, networks and municipalities.

Our services

The center is jointly run by the asso­cia­tions of the entre­pre­neurs them­selves which makes it unique in Germany.

Find out more about the three asso­cia­tions at the base of our work:

Krea­tives Leipzig: cultural and crea­tive indus­tries asso­cia­tion in Leipzig

Krea­tives Chem­nitz: cultural and crea­tive indus­tries asso­cia­tion in Chemnitz

Wir gestalten Dresden: cultural and crea­tive indus­tries asso­cia­tion in Dresden

Krea­tives Sachsen offers various inter­na­tio­na­liz­a­tion acti­vi­ties: we orga­nize busi­ness trips for cultural and crea­tive entre­pre­neurs, infor­ma­tion events and work­shops on working inter­na­tio­nally, hold lectures about crea­tive indus­tries abroad and parti­ci­pate in inter­na­tional projects. We can build upon our rela­tions with networks in Austria, Belgium, Czech Repu­blic, Denmark, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Nether­lands, Poland, Sweden, and the U.S.

Our latest and upco­ming inter­na­tio­na­liz­a­tion activities

Oct 25–26, 2017 Crea­tive Indus­tries Deve­lo­p­ment Forum of Azer­baijan, presen­ta­tion on the Role of Crea­tive Indus­tries in inno­va­tion and economic development

Oct 26–27, 2017 Busi­ness trip to Prague, in coope­ra­tion with the inno­va­tion network PRIME, the German-Czech Chamber of Commerce and the Goethe Insti­tute in Prague

Nov 3–4, 2017 German-Russian Crea­tive Indus­tries Forum ARTWERK

Nov 7, 2017 Inter­na­tional Confe­rence Cross-Border Culture, Dresden

Sept 18–19, 2018 Presen­ta­tion of Crea­tive Saxony skills deve­lo­p­ment approach during the OECD Forum for Local Deve­lo­p­ment Prac­ti­tio­ners, Entre­pre­neurs and Social Inno­va­tors in Porto / Portugal

Nov 15–18, 2018 Busi­ness Dele­ga­tion to the 2nd German-Russian Crea­tive Indus­tries Forum ARTWERK

Contact person for requests related to inter­na­tio­na­liz­a­tion and EU projects

Jose­phine Hage
Deputy Director Krea­tives Sachsen
josephine.hage [ät]